Ready to escape the waking world?

welcome to LVCIDIA //


You are billions of gigaparsecs away from earth, floating on a rust-coloured planet. The sky is black and the ground is rumbling. The dream feels vivid and real.

Sculptures made of liquid metal and glowing crystal embellish the planets in this galaxy. Created long ago by intergalactic artists, they express the fragility of our existence and the beauty of our humanity. Today, they are yours to explore.

Are you ready to escape the waking world?

FVCK_CRYSTAL// owners will have greater control than anyone else over the narrative of this collective dream.

Quest completion, resource gathering and decision-making will all be influenced by the crystals. Ready to shape the future?

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Close your eyes_

This lucid dream began with one planet, FV_290B, created by FVCKRENDER. As the first sculptures were placed on that planet, a vision appeared. What if there were more planets? What if this was a galaxy? And what would be the key to that universe?

This is how the FVCK_CRYSTAL// were created. Each possessing unique attributes, the 4169 precious stones became the foundation of what would be later called LVCIDIA.

  • FVCKRENDERVERSE is created
  • FVCK_CRYSTAL// collection is launched


Dream becoming reality_

As the keys came into existence, the LVCIDIA universe took shape. Many great artists and believers joined the collective dream as the vision became clear to them.

This is also where the dream expanded for the first time: initially with avatars, then with resources scavenger hunts... The LVCIDIA experience was more and more sought after as the dream complexified.

  • LVCIDIA web-based Unreal experience is released with mini-game
  • FVCK_AVATAR// collection is launched
  • LVCIDIA merch launched
  • Whitepaper is published
  • E-commerce website is launched
  • First Era of staking is launched


A deep sleep stage_

A new cycle began, silently occuring while few noticed. But that final transformation was necessary in order to make the collective dream bigger than ever before.

One by one, people realized what happened; they could do more, they could do better, they had more control over the dream. The vision was almost completed.

  • Second Era of staking is launched
  • New artist collaborations for planet artwork
  • New galaxy opens
  • Multiple artist collaborations on their owned planets
  • Co-creation tools released


The dream expands_

LVCIDIA finally became what it was meant to be: a worldwide collaborative and collective dream. The number of explorers simultaneously connected to the dream was immense, and the possibilities were truly limitless.

The very first vision FVCKRENDER had when creating FV_290B had been achieved. Or.. was it only the beginning?

  • Launch of Universe map and sale of planets
  • Mobile compatibility
  • New worlds are added to LVCIDIA

The LVCIDIA experience lives on the blockchain and uses high level gameplay mechanics. This document will help potential players and collectors understand the vision. Close your eyes and start dreaming.

download the whitepaper_


// artist

Landis Tanaka

// art dev

Justin Philip

// 3d artist


// game dev


// smart contract

The Holy

// music

Post Projects

// branding

devenini & pl cossette

// website

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